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Coders at Work by Peter Seibel

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Coders at Work

Today, I finished reading the book Coders at Work by Peter Seibel and I found it really enjoyable. Coders at work is a series of interviews with great programmers and computer scientists. If you are somehow a technical person, needs some inspiration or just aspire to be better, I highly recommend you the book.

You will find information about their careers, their thoughts on the software profession and industry and how they consider programming. Programming is art, craftsmanship, science or engineering?.

They also talked about code readability, debugging strategies, testing, language design, job interviews, computer science books worth reading, teamwork, problems at work, how they got into programming and even hobbies.

Here is the list of the fifteen people interviewed. I summarized their main contributions and creations.

  • Jamie Zawinski  (Lisp hacker, early Netscape developer, Mozilla contributor, XEmacs and XScreenSaver creator ).
  • Brad Fitzpatrick  (Memcached, LiveJournal, Perlbal and MogileFS creator, Engineer at Google working in the Go programming language).
  • Douglas Crockford  (Ex JavaScript Architect at Yahoo,  JavaScript Architect at PayPal,  JSON creator, “JavaScript: the Good Parts” book author.)
  • Brendan Eich  (JavaScript creator,  CTO at the Mozilla Corporation).
  • Joshua Bloch  (Ex Java architect at Google, Ex engineer at Sun Microsystems, “Effective Java” book author,  Java Collections framework creator).
  • Joe Armstrong  (Erlang and Open Telecom Platform creator).
  • Simon Peyton Jones  (Haskell programming language co-creator, architect and lead developer of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler).
  • Peter Norvig  (Director of research at Google, ex head of the Computational Sciences Division at NASA,  JScheme co-creator).
  • Guy Steele  (Common Lisp dialect and Scheme programming language co-creator,  “The Hacker’s Dictionary” book author).
  • Dan Ingalls (Smalltalk designer and exceptional contributor, Squeak co-creator, Lively kernel creator, Ex distinguished Engineer at Sun Microystems).
  • L Peter Deutsch (Lisp hacker, Ex Chief Scientist at PARC, Ghostscript creator).
  • Ken Thompson (Unix co-inventor, Bell Labs,  B programming language creator,  UTF-8 encoding definition, Distinguished Engineer at Google, Go programming language co-creator).
  • Fran Allen (Ex programmer at IBM Research,  Compiler expert, first woman to win the “Turing Award”,  Fellow of the IEEE, IBM and ACM).
  • Bernie Cossel  (Ex MIT and BBN great programmer, Arpanet IMPs designer, DOCTOR creator, master debugger).
  • Donald Knuth (“The Art of Computing Programming” author, TeX and MetaFont creator, Computer Science major contributors).

If I had time, I will be writing the most interesting things they said. For now, I will write some quotes from Brad Fitzpatrick, one of the interviews that I really liked the most. He’s really funny and a common-sense person. Here we go… Read the rest of this entry »


Joel on Software

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Joel Spolsky is a famous blogger in the software world. He’s an ex-Microsoft employee who worked in the Excel team, is the Co-Founder of Fog Creek, a software company with a great culture and successful products like Trello, FofBugz, Copilot, CityDesk… By the way, the Fog Creek culture is really simple and is summarized like this:

Best Working Conditions -> Best Programmers -> Best Software -> Profit

It’s really funny (Life is to too short, we have to laugh and smile), how some managers still don’t understand this and make the programmers job really painful. Wake up! Wake up! managers.

Joel started writing articles in 2000 and has influenced the way of thinking of many people around the globe. Although, he’s not very active today, he has written really great articles about Software Development, Programming, Design, Startups, Recruiting and Interviews.

If you are a Software Developer, CEO, Team Leader, Product Manager, Startup founder, CS student or just work in the Software Industry, I think you will find these articles really interesting.

You can find all those articles in his blog or you can buy the two books with his writings in Amazon. I really enjoy reading in a tablet too. So, instead of buying the two books, I downloaded the Joel on Software Android app, created by the software company Digicorp. You can use the app, even without an Internet connection. Thanks guys!.

Joel on Software - Android App

These are my favorite articles, in no particular order:

Go and read, buy or download the Joel on Software stuff, it’s worth reading.

Written by Ronny Yabar

October 8, 2013 at 11:44 am