Coders at Work by Peter Seibel

Coders at Work

Today, I finished reading the book Coders at Work by Peter Seibel and I found it really enjoyable. Coders at work is a series of interviews with great programmers and computer scientists. If you are somehow a technical person, needs some inspiration or just aspire to be better, I highly recommend you the book.

You will find information about their careers, their thoughts on the software profession and industry and how they consider programming. Programming is art, craftsmanship, science or engineering?.

They also talked about code readability, debugging strategies, testing, language design, job interviews, computer science books worth reading, teamwork, problems at work, how they got into programming and even hobbies.

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Android QR Code Scanner – Quick Guide

In this tutorial, we are going to build a simple Android QR Scanner using ZXing, a well known Open Source library to work with bar and qr codes.

Our small QR Scanner works this way: We call the Barcode Scanner app with an Intent action, it gets the QR Code and send it back to our app.

One problem, is that probably the user doesn’t have the Barcode scanner app installed. In this case our QR Scanner needs to tell this the user and redirect them to Google Play in order to install it.

So, we are going to use ZXing to manage this situation… Continue reading “Android QR Code Scanner – Quick Guide”

Mountain Biking: Chinchero to Urubamba

“Cuando salgo a andar en bicicleta me repito a mi mismo la mantra: el sol esta brillando, hay un viendo fresco y los pájaros están cantando. Esto me ayuda a sobreponerme al tráfico, olvidarme del trabajo, dejar atrás todas mis preocupaciones y concentrarme en la naturaleza a mi alrededor; pero aún debo obedecer las leyes de la calle, del ciclismo y de la gravedad. En ese momento, mentalmente estoy lejos de la civilización mientras el mundo esta rompiendo el corazón de otro.” Diane Ackerman

Mountain Biking

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