Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky is a famous blogger in the software world. He’s an ex-Microsoft employee who worked in the Excel team, is the Co-Founder of Fog Creek, a software company with a great culture and successful products like Trello, FofBugz, Copilot, CityDesk… By the way, the Fog Creek culture is really simple and is summarized like this:

Best Working Conditions -> Best Programmers -> Best Software -> Profit

It’s really funny (Life is to too short, we have to laugh and smile), how some managers still don’t understand this and make the programmers job really painful. Wake up! Wake up! managers.

Joel started writing articles in 2000 and has influenced the way of thinking of many people around the globe. Although, he’s not very active today, he has written really great articles about Software Development, Programming, Design, Startups, Recruiting and Interviews.

If you are a Software Developer, CEO, Team Leader, Product Manager, Startup founder, CS student or just work in the Software Industry, I think you will find these articles really interesting.

You can find all those articles in his blog or you can buy the two books with his writings in Amazon. I really enjoy reading in a tablet too. So, instead of buying the two books, I downloaded the Joel on Software Android app, created by the software company Digicorp. You can use the app, even without an Internet connection. Thanks guys!.

Joel on Software - Android App

These are my favorite articles, in no particular order:

Go and read, buy or download the Joel on Software stuff, it’s worth reading.

Descubriendo a La Lá

La Lá

Como muchas noches, visito blogs de Cine y Música independiente. A veces puedo pasar horas, leyendo entrevistas y artículos, creo que tengo una enfermedad.

Me encanta esta escena no comercial, pienso que tiene un lugar especial en mi vida.

Esta vez descubrí a Giovanna Nuñez, cantautora peruana conocida como La Lá.  Una vez más está demostrado, el enorme talento que podemos encontrar en el país.

La Lá, tiene una voz impresionante y mezcla en su música, Música Criolla, Vals, Bossa Nova y Jazz. Melodías suaves, del estilo que me gustan, Celeste, escuchó un par de canciones de La Lá y le encantó, Great!