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Hello Planet and Welcome KDE Google Summer of Code

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Hello KDE Community.

My name is Ronny and I am from Peru (South America). I am a KDE user for about 3 years and now is time to develop for KDE.

My KDE life started some months ago and I already started doing some small contributions like Promo work here and developing a game in Playground called KPeg.

But, the happiness I feel right now is beyond words, because this year I was accepted for the Google Summer of Code Program to work on the Open Source Project I love: KDE.

A big thanks to the KDE community and specially to two KDE developers who will be my mentors: Thomas McGuire (Kmail) and Stephen Kelly (Akonadi, Kjots, Grantlee author). Guys, thanks for answering my questions and all your support during all the GSoC process.

I am going to work with the KDE-PIM team on integrating the Grantlee library in KDE PIM applications to improve the theming support.

So, let us have fun with this GSoC project and make KDE rock even more.

Abstract of the Proposal.

I am also happy that another person from Peru was accepted to work on this KDE/GSoC: Percy Triveño who will work with the KDE-EDU team on integrating KmPlot into KAlgebra.

Happy KDE SoC to everyone.


Written by Ronny Yabar

April 28, 2010 at 1:14 am

2 Responses

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  1. Felicidades. Hay un gran trabajo por hacer para difundir la ética y práctica del software libre por toda Sudamérica, así que esta es una gran noticia.

    Alejandro Nova

    April 28, 2010 at 2:12 pm

  2. […] Yabar is using Grantlee for theming of KMail and broader KDEPIM as part of his Google Summer of Code project and has already made promising progress and uncovered a bug (fixed in Grantlee […]

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