KPeg – Peg Solitaire game for KDE

As I told before, I picked up a game from playground and after some KDE vacations I finally had the opportunity to hack on the game once again.

I rename it and today I released KPeg 0.2. I am following this version number because I think it is not completely ready to be 1.0 as the former developer specified.

KPeg is an implementation of the Peg Solitaire Game.

Peg Solitaire is a board game that consists of jumping over pieces (pegs) in order to remove them from the board. The goal is to remove all pegs but one in the shortest time possible.

KPeg has 5 leves of difficulty and 3 algorithms to generate the puzzles (Original, branch and lines), these affect how the pegs are distributed on the board.

For reference, Peg solitaire at Wikipedia.

Well, I created 3 new themes/icons and removed the old ones. My artistic skills are very limited so don’t expect to have wow-SVG themes.

I also created a cool DropShadowEffect for the pegs thanks to the new features of Qt 4.6.

I made some adjustments in the branch algorithm and cleaned up the code for the random seed generator number, not needed anymore.

Download the Game from

Or make a subversion checkout:

svn co svn://

Enter into the kpeg directory and do the following to compile it:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
sudo make install

You can also browse the source code:

Here is the mandatory screenshot:


Currently, I am working on the algorithms for English and European Peg Solitaire boards and in the next weeks the challenge will be to create an animated peg solitaire solution.

Please, test the game (and your brain) and send me all your comments and feedback.

Remember that game development is fun and I will continue developing KPeg just for fun and to learn more about Qt/KDE.

More news about the game coming soon.

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