Blogging once again

Wow.  Almost 4 months since my last post, sometimes it’s too hard to update my blog. However, I continue exploring and learning new technologies about my passion: Open Source/Free Software.

Here are some things that happened in the last months:

I started learning Python and Django and I have to admit that since the first moment I tried them that I like it very much. On the other hand, I got tired about how slow rails is and the error messages whenever you upgrade some gems and plugins. Conclusion: I switched to Python-Django for web development. Now I am re-writing an application, written in Rails, with Django.

My boss acquired a dedicated server hosting to run a lot of web services for his company use and proposed me to manage it. Now I am maintaining the server and it was fun to learn SSH and Fedora commands (I use Debian). SSH takes part of my everyday freelance work.

Last week, I finished the development of an e-commerce site for an American company called Misti International Inc. I used the Magento e-commerce platform to develop it. Which at the beginning seems beautiful with a lot of cool features, but you need some patience to understand it deeply, because has a complex structure with too many folder and files and it is kind of difficult to customize it. But, I worked hard on this site and my client is really happy about it. I strongly recommend to learn PHP5 and take a look at the Zend Framework to learn more about the Magento code.

I installed KDE 4.2 in my Debian machine. (Here is a quick tutorial ). The only thing I want to say is: THANKS to all the KDE team for give us this great technology that is so well created and designed. But I will talk about KDE in other posts, because I am really interested in developing for KDE.

Google Summer of Code 2009 was announced and I am going to apply this year again.  I already got in contact with a mentor to work in his proposal and received good feedback about it.

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 – Lenny released

Esta es la nota de publicación de esta nueva versión de este gran sistema operativo..

El Proyecto Debian se complace en anunciar la publicación oficial de la versión 5.0 de Debian GNU/Linux, nombre en clave lenny, tras 22 meses de desarrollo constante. Debian GNU/Linux es un sistema operativo libre que soporta un total de doce arquitecturas de procesador e incluye los entornos de escritorio KDE, GNOME, Xfce y LXDE. También ofrece compatibilidad con el estándar FHS v2.3 y software desarrollado para la versión 3.2 de LSB.

(para descargar Lenny ahora mismo, visita la página de descargas de Debian)

Debian GNU/Linux se ejecuta en ordenadores que van desde agendas hasta supercomputadoras, pasando por prácticamente cualquier sistema intermedio. Se da soporte a un total de doce arquitecturas: Sun SPARC (sparc), HP Alpha (alpha), Motorola/IBM PowerPC (powerpc), Intel IA-32 (i386), IA-64 (ia64), HP PA-RISC (hppa), MIPS (mips, mipsel), ARM (arm, armel), IBM S/390 (s390), y AMD64 de AMD y EM64T de Intel (amd64).