Rails 2.2 will be thread safe

Reading the rubyonrails blog I read that Rails 2.2 will be thread safe and that this hard work comes from a Google Summer of Coder. Josh Peek who will join the rails core.

This is a great advance for the framework, because many people were looking for merb for this rails weak, but this improvement will attract new developers to join the rails community.

Congratulations Josh.
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Finishing my project for the Gsoc

These are the latest changes on the project. Before that, it is important to know all the work made before and the information we can submit for a patch.

Basic Information:
Dates(Disclosure, Creation)

Association with:
Documentation Links
Credits (Authors, Companies)

User Interaction:
Stats (views, percent complete).


* Allow users select patches based on the watchlist.
* Patches were incorporated into the solr search engine.Main fields were indexed(id, title,short and technical description,dates,vendors and products). For the moment, the search for patches is separated from the search for vulnerabilities.
* An advanced search for patches (For severity, for classification, for products)
* When adding vulnerabilities to a patch, users can auto complete vulns based on the their identifiers..
* I made some CSS work changing the style for the show page on the patches, that way users can distinguish immediately an information page for a patch from a vulnerability.
* However I will need one or maybe two more days to finish all my presentation styles and user alerts when a patch is released and goes into the portal.

I am really glad to see that everything is coming fine and all work made in these months is having sense for me.