Rdoc – Generating documentation for Ruby and Rails

Rdoc is a program for creating documentation for ruby source code. Rdoc generates HTML documentation, using syntactic information from the source and text in comment blocks.

You can check documentation about ruby libraries if you have ruby property installed by running the ri command. For example, if we want to know what the capitalize method does, just type in your terminal:

ri String.capitalize

str.capitalize    => new_str
Returns a copy of str with the first character converted to
uppercase and the remainder to lowercase
"hello".capitalize  #=> "Hello"
"HELLO".capitalize  #=> "Hello"
"123ABC".capitalize  #=> "123abc"

Rdoc is very useful to look for information about programs, methods and examples.

If you want to see the rails api documentation type in your terminal: gem server and then go to your browser at the url http://localhost:8808

You will get an HTML page “RubyGems Documentation Index” with a summary of all ruby gems installed on your system.

Click on the gem you want to see the documentation and you will see an HTML page with 3 columns: (Files, Classes, Methods) and everything documented in detail.

If you installed rails with rubygems you can access the rails API. Also the rake app:doc command creates the HTML documentation for your Rails project and stores this documentation in the doc/app directory.

Run the file  doc/app/index.html and you will see of the documentation of your rails project.
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